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In this site you will find a large collection of hentai videos. We offer high quality clips of cartooned o 3D rendered porn videos of different styles. All videos are collected from others sites with their permissions and knowledge.In you can watch hentai with just one click for free. We publish new videos every day. Here is the place where you can watch in streaming hentai videos online 24/7.

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What is hentai?

In the Japanese culture "hentai" or "hentai seiyoku" is refered to any perverse or bizarre sexual act or desire. In the west "hentai" is used when referring to anime or manga pornography, in any media like video, comic or eroge (erotic vide ogames).

Hentai genres

We can differentiate different types of hentai according to the gender and age of the main characters, or to sexual practice or paraphilia.

According to the gender and age, "yuri hentai" refer to relations between women (lesbians), "yaoi" refer to homosexual relationships between men, "lolicon" when adolescent or young women are involved, and "shotacon" when the adolescent is male.

Attending to paraphilia or sexual desires, the term "futanari" is used to identify relationships between transsexuals or hermaphrodites, "incest" to designate relationships between members of the same family, "oromashi" for relationships involving urine, or the "tentacle erotica" when the protagonists maintain relationships with fictional monsters.